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Age Computer Services provides extended technical support by phone, fax, email and via scheduled site visits. Three levels of technical support are offered:
  • Warranty Service
    Extended technical support is available for ninety days following paid product installation. Our Warranty Service covers minor adjustments and revisions, and training on system familiarity (if not provided at the time of installation).
  • There is no charge for Warranty Service.
  • Emergency call out support after installation. This Service includes:                                                           
  • Minor repairs and modifications not specified at the time of purchase.
    Retraining or training for extra personnel.
    Repairs necessitated by product misuse or abuse
    Emergency call out fees are set by the job or by the session; the minimum fee is 89.99 + VAT.
  • Contract Service
    Corporate clients and those with multiple products installed may prefer to budget an annual prepaid fee for minor adjustments, consultations and repairs necessitated by product misuse or abuse. Misuse or abused parts are not covered. Contract Service are available from 599 + VAT pa  per system.

Technical Support is available on all of our products.
Mon - Fri  between 10 am to 5pm except on Christmas Day.
If your PC has developed a problem we'll come to you to fix it.
'NO problems,  NO hassle,  NO inconvenience'
Call us on: +44 (0)7894 874 536

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