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We have all been there..and you have only 5 minutes before the last post.

  • your PC doesn't boot
  • the network suddenly goes blind
  • the printer chews up your important document

      On top of all this your backup doesn't work.  If any on this is familier to you. then you   need to give us a call, our quotations are free and without obligation.

      Age Computer Services offers a first class repairs service to all computer  systems,   logic boards and peripherals. We can repair any working part of the system that is   repairable, including printers etc.

      We will  recommend replacement of any peripherals that is out of production or   non-availability of upto date drivers.  Investment in automatic test systems  means   we are able to get to the heart of your repair problems. Our engineers  have been   trained in the latest diagnostic techniques to enable us to offer you a fast, efficient   and reliable service.


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